TEC Maul

The parts of the TEC Maul side by side.

The TEC Maul was developed by chief research scientist Espen. It fires the Mauly 19 projectile. Not 100% safe to store, but lightyears safer than the Double Maul family. It can be stored partly or fully assembled. When partly assembled, it is very safe. When fully assembled, it can go off unexpectedly. Firing can be a little bit tricky and it is not as stealthy as some of the other guns. But hey, you can't get everything. Increase accuracy by placing the base of the gun on a table. It's perfect for meetings with its short range and fast assembly time. It is also stealthy. No one suspect you with just one Mauly and a TEC pen.


Velocity (average) 5.3 m/s
Velocity (max) 6.4 m/s
Range 6.10 m
CEP @ 2 m (50%) 43.6 cm
CEP @ 2 m (80%) 58.1 cm
Loading time 7 s
Launcher TEC pen
Projectile Mauly 19
Projectile weight 3.0 g


Put the Mauly 19 around the TEC cap 2-4 mm from the rim. If you put it further down, it is not possible to fully assemble the TEC Maul in a safe fashion. If you put it on further up, it will not fire at all. Remember to always point a gun away from you in a safe direction.

The main feature of the TEC pen is that the cap is soft plastic. When you fasten the Mauly 19, it will be slightly suppressed. This enables it to stay on and will help in the firing sequence.

During test-firing, I found out that I had to aim a little to the left of the target to hit it. But that is me. You should test your aim with this gun as with all guns.


Arming the gun. Now you put the TEC pen into the cap. Not to far in, but enough that it will stay there. This is the critical point in the procedure. If you press it in to far, the gun will fire prematurely. This is dangerous!

To fire the gun, you have to point it at the target and just press the cap down. If you have followed these steps correctly, it will fire the Mauly 19 at your target.

This gun can not stay loaded for a long time. The Mauly 19 loses some of its stored energy due to metal fatigue. Always carry a couple of virgin Mauly 19s.

The parts of the TEC Maul. The Mauly 19 is put on the cap. A picture showing how to load the TEC Maul. The TEC Maul standard firing technique.

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