Firing the rubber tec Securing the area Double maul speed measuring Drawing the accuracy test equipment First succesful penetration Before... ...and after High tech speed measurement equipment being made Candy Breaking the Geneva Convention.html#top Glenn in Toy Land The camera crew It slices! It dices! The office is not enough Jelly penetration test Shooting outside Get ready for some jelly tests Good Coke! Late night ammo bunker raid Will he hit or miss? Preparing for muzzle velocity measurement Product shots Testing is serious business Blam! To be or not to be... shot! Ready to fire the super maul TEC Maul firing technique Relaxing with the latest in electronic entertainment Deep concentration... Geir eating nuts More jelly Trancedental aiming Staring contest The goggles are safe! Loading the super maul Stabilo Maul firing position Powerful recoil Safety is our #1 priority Happy Happy Joy Joy Espen with some shot markers Preparing the camera Good hit probability

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