Cluster Maul

The Cluster Maul

Espen came up with the idea when one Double Maul wouldn't launch in the middle of a shoot-out. You have no time to work out the cause for this. Is it the Mauly 32 that is too tight? Is it the Mauly 19 that is to loose? You drop the weapon and grab for a new set to fire. When dropped to the floor, the Double Maul fired. One of the clips hit the other guy in the temple. He fell to the floor, bleeding. The battle was won!

What if you had two Double Maul that wouldn't fire. Or 20? What if you tossed 20 "jammed" Double Maul into the cubicle of your co-worker?


There is no point in trying to extract velocity and range on this weapon. It has too many unknown variables. When the Double Maul separates, there is nothing holding the Mauly 32 in place and the two clips will shoot out in opposite directions.


Stage 1 in building the Cluster Maul. Assemble as many Double Maul as you want to launch. Make sure that these won't fire. This seems like an easy step. It is not! It is vitaly important that they "almost" fire. We found it best to use a fresh Mauly 32 and a rather worn Mauly 19. If you get a gap of about 0.5 mm in the Mauly 19 opening, you can try assembling.

A Mauly 19 used in the TEC Maul is a great way to get worn parts.

If the Mauly 19 is too loose, the Double Maul won't fire at all when dropped. If the Mauly 19 is only a little bit to tight, it will fire prematurely. It can fire some 20 seconds after you've put it down.
Place the Cluster Mauls on a tray Imagine having 19 fairly unstable Double Maul on a small tray and putting down a Double Maul that is too unstable.
Place the Cluster Mauls on a tray It will fire into one of the others and this will start a chain reaction where you'll have to start all over again.

Be careful! Use your goggles! There is no way in Hell you can have complete control over these babies. And we are not talking about Hell in Norway this time!


You not so much "fire" the Cluster Maul as you do the other guns. The Cluster Maul can be thrown or dropped on the target. The havoc begins when all the Double Mauls start launching in all different directions.

Put all the Cluster Mauls on a cardboard tray and place it on the top of the almost closed door of one of your co-workers. The perfect trap.

Setting up the Cluster Maul. Cluster Maul detonation.

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