Double Maul

A picture of the Double Maul put together.

This is the first gun to enter the arsenal of OfficeGuns. It is fast, reliable and accurate. It is also unstable and may blow up in your face. When loaded, you must use force to stop it from going off too early. It is perfect for large meetings where you need accuracy as well as a good punch.


Velocity (average) 11.9 m/s
Velocity (max) 12.9 m/s
Range 7.30 m
CEP @ 3 m (50%) 18.9 cm
CEP @ 3 m (100%) 46.3 cm
Loading time 5 s
Launcher Mauly 32
Projectile Mauly 19
Projectile weight 3.0 g


Open the Mauly 32 and insert the Mauly 19. It is important to push it all the way in. Hold it firmly in place. The harder you hold, the smaller the chance of premature firing. At this stage it is important to point it in a safe direction. Never, ever look into the front of the gun. It will put your eye out at the first chance it gets.


Hold the gun firmly and point it at the target. Slowly let go. It will fire when ready. It is quite easy to time the exact firing point. The projectile rotates in the air, inflicting maximum damage to the target.

The construction of this gun ensures that the parts are not worn out so quickly as with some of the other guns. The potential energy in both launcher and projectile contributes to the total energy used to launch the projectile, making a good size-to-power ratio.

A picture of the Mauly 19 and Mauly 32 side by side. A picture of the standard Double Maul shooting technique.

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