Rubber TEC

The parts of the Rubber TEC side by side.

The Rubber TEC is probably the most dangerous basic gun there is. With its incredible muzzle velocity it can cause major damage on people, pets and property.

Powered by a high quality thick rubber band it is the perfect weapon for long range attacks.

The Rubber TEC will raise much less suspicion among co-workers than Maul-based guns, especially if you carry a lot of ammo. Walking around with 4 pens is quite normal, and the rubber band will fit nicely in any pocket without any strange bumps or noises.

The only precautions you have to take with this gun is that it is easy for beginners to hit your own hand when firing.


Velocity (average) 33.8 m/s
Velocity (max) 37.9 m/s
Range 13.60 m
CEP @ 3 m (50%) 20.9 cm
CEP @ 3 m (100%) 42.3 cm
Loading time 4 s
Launcher TEC pen and rubber band
Projectile TEC pen cap
Projectile weight 1.0 g


Hold the rubber band between your thumb and middle finger of your left hand (if you are right handed). Keep the rubber band as tight as possible (your two fingers as far away from each other as possible). This is to ease the next step. The cap on the TEC pen has to sit on the pen as you place it so the rubber band comes between the pen itself and the arm of the cap. See firing image for correct placement.

The cap should not sit to tight because this will make the rubber band break before it can pull the cap off. It should neither sit too loose when this will make it fire prematurely and not have the full force it is capable of.


Keep the fingers holding the rubber band as far away from each other as possible. A tighter rubber band ensures a more powerful gun. Pull the TEC pen back always keeping your aim. Eventually the rubber band will pull the cap from the pen, launching it at your target.

The projectile of the Rubber TEC will rotate through the air, thus increasing the damage on impact.

The parts of the Rubber TEC. The rubberband is mounted on the pen. A picture showing how to fire the Rubber TEC. Another picture showing how to fire the Rubber TEC.

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