Stabilo Maul

The parts of the Stabilo Maul side by side.

Don't let the name fool you. It's not that stable. You use it when you are short on other guns. It is quite accurate on short distances, but you have to know how to use it. It is quite good for lobbing the projectile over obstacles. For instance if you attend a lecture and people are sitting in front of you hindering a clean shot with some of the other guns.


Velocity (average) 6.3 m/s
Velocity (max) 7.2 m/s
Range 3.70 m
CEP @ 2 m (50%) 25.1 cm
CEP @ 2 m (100%) 39.2 cm
Loading time 10 s
Launcher Stabilo Boss Original Marker Pen
Projectile Mauly 32
Projectile weight 9.1 g


Remove the cap of the Stabilo marker. Push the long sides of the cap together and attach the Mauly alongside 32 the bottom.

Attach the cap lightly to the pen when you want to fire the gun. This will put it in a much more unstable mode and should not be done before you are ready to fire.


You fire the gun by pressing the cap down. Again it is important to practice beforehand to adjust your aim and timing.

It is the flexibility of the cap that enables you to put the Mauly 32 in place. When you press the cap it expands and releases the Mauly 32.

A picture showing how to load the Stabilo Maul. The Mauly 32 is put on the cap. The Stabilo Maul firing technique.

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