Heavy Double Maul

A picture of the Heavy Double Maul put together.

This is Double Maul's big brother. Its strengths are intimidation and power. It is quite stable when loaded. This can be a problem when launching. It is not so easy to launch so you have to practice.


Velocity (average) 7.6 m/s
Velocity (max) 7.8 m/s
Range 5.30 m
CEP @ 3 m (50%) 18.2 cm
CEP @ 3 m (100%) 53.4 cm
Loading time 4 s
Launcher Mauly 51
Projectile Mauly 32
Projectile weight 9.1 g


Open the Mauly 51 and insert the Mauly 32. It is important to push it in the center of the Mauly 51.

Hold it in place to be on the safe side. It can fire prematurely. And again it is important to treat this as a loaded gun (which it is). It can put out an eye or break a tooth... or rip your guts out.

If you don't push the Mauly 32 all the way in, it is easier to fire the gun, but at the same time it will be more unstable. If the Mauly 51 is a bit worn it will be easier to fire the gun as it won't lock the Mauly 32 in place.


Hold the gun firmly and point it at the target. Slowly let go. You may have to push on the outer handles. Do this gently. When it fires, the handles will part quite fast and it is important not to slow the acceleration.

Firing this gun is quite difficult which makes this a "last resort" weapon. It looks more frightening than the Double Maul but we would choose the more accurate and stealthier Double Maul over the Heavy Double Maul any day.

A picture of the Mauly 32 and Mauly 51 side by side. A picture of the standard Double Maul shooting technique.

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